Machine Monitoring

Martin Equipment machine monitoring

Let Us Watch Your Fleet, So You Can Run Your Business.

machine monitoringOur machine monitoring specialists at Martin Equipment use the latest telematics and alert management tools to filter and analyze the JDLink data generated by your machines so we can quickly identify critical issues and react — sometimes before you even know there is a problem.  As part of the uptime-maximizing benefits of John Deere Connected Support™, we deliver improved machine health through an advanced dual approach that combines the expertise of the technology specialists at Martin Equipment and the data specialists at the central John Deere Machine Health Monitoring Center. 

John Deere machine monitoring and expert alerts

The central Machine Health Monitoring Center at John Deere analyzes data from thousands of connected machines. John Deere analysts identify trends within the data, determine causes, and develop new and improved preventative-maintenance and repair protocols called Expert Alerts. These alerts are deployed to Martin Equipment and other Deere dealers to continuously improve the speed and accuracy of machine-health solutions.  The work here also drives improvements in new product design and updates to current products that benefit all John Deere customers.  So while Martin Equipment focuses on addressing issues that may immediately impact you, the John Deere Machine Health Monitoring Center keeps an eye on the big picture.

Remote diagnostics and programming

What if we told you we could warn you of problems with your machine and initiate solutions without ever visiting your jobsite or charging you for a technician or travel time? That's what you get with our Remote Diagnostics and Programming capability.  At Martin Equipment, we continually monitor the health of your fleet, and our Machine Monitoring Specialist can access and reset diagnostic trouble codes and record performance readings without ever visiting your jobsite. Machine software can also be updated remotely.  Bottom line, we have your back, and through remote diagnostics and programming, we can help increase your uptime and decrease your costs.